Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day Two, (yay, I've caught up)

Day Two. What is currently on your hook?

I am SOOOO bad at starting projects and not finishing them, am determined to finish this little fellow.

Can you see what it is yet?? (hehehehe)
He's from this fab little book that I bought on Amazon...

A great book, but after it arrived I discovered that the pattern is available FREE on Ravelry. Grrrr. (just search Amineko on Ravelry) I love cats and I'm enjoying making him, the only problem is that he needs pellets in his paws and bottom to make him sit and pose... I've been to my local 'Making Shop' and traipsed over to Hobbycraft, but no, not available due to Health and Safety. Double GRRRR. I know that I could use lentils, but I don't want him turning into a vegetarian's dinner if he gets wet... Ho Hum, so anyway, this is what is currently on my  hook. :-)

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  1. Quite frustrating when you paid for a pattern and then find it free. I like the Amineko cat, some cleaver lady in Sweden changed it slightly to make her own version (unfortunately she wont share it)but I love this cat