Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day One (okay, okay, I'm lying a bit)

Due to a ludicrous 'off duty' at the moment, involving lots of extra nightshifts, (bleh) my Day One is now happening on Day 2, but don't worry, it'll all work out in the end...

Day One. What was your first finished project?

For this one I'm answering with my first finished project as an ADULT - I did loads of crocheting as a kid, then abandoned all creativity to pursue my career, then started again when preggers with my first. So here it is. It started as a crib Blankie, grew into a cot blanket then ended up big enough for a double bed!! I SO enjoyed making this lovely big floppy Granny Square. Navy and Cream acrylic yarn - our chemist used to sell monster big balls of the stuff, and so easy to sit and make - that's why it got so big. When I finished it I realised that my poor little baby would be a) crushed by it's weight and b) would get his fingers caught in the holes (believe me, this is a real worry for first time mums!!!) so I folded it up and put it into the loft. And forgot about it. When my son was around 8, we found it in the loft, he was so chuffed that I had made it for HIM when he was a mere bump and then a wee baby. He's had it on his bed almost constantly ever since :-)

So, nothing special to look at, but deep sentimental value...

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