Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy New Year :)

I've been inspired to start up the old Blog again... I discovered via one of my absolute FAVE blogs Attic 24
Juanita started her blog just this year and it is absolutely fab (go and have a look, go on!!)
Today I am going to blog about TOTE BAGS... I Love Bags!!
In 2010 at the Knit and Stitch Exhibition I discovered Morse Bags Here is a photo from the main entrance of Ally Pally :)

The display was SPLENDID, I was *I*N*S*P*I*R*E*D*
Here are a few that I have made... I'm bad at remembering to take photos...

 My first ever Morse Bag!

This is one that I sent to Estonia as part of a swap...

 Playing with the fancy stitches on my Lovely Sewing Machine
 Applique Cat
Using my own labels :)
This is a replacement bag made for a swap... I made the original last year, posted it off to The US of A but it didn't get there... Luckily I never throw anything away so dug out my catty template and whipped up another one this afternoon instead of going to the gym... I know, any excuse... I love the black stitching, but the white 'ivy bud' stitch is a bit odd I think. The theme for the swap was Hallowe'en... I hope that the recipient likes it (Let's hope that the Postal Services get it there this time!)

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  1. Hi, I'm returning the visit and have had a quick 'hop' through your blog - I should be really off shopping but hey. Am loving your creative streak and admiring your fantastic Granny blanket - we have things in common. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Good luck with the blogging.
    Love from Mum