Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Blog, Major Hiccup!

Well, my plans of blogging twice a week went flying out the window with the almost terminal illness that my laptop suffered... however, intensive care was given (not by me I hasten to add, hehehe) and, YAY laptop back... phew - didn't appreciate how much I rely on the old thing!

Anyways, frustrated at how my job and life in general get in the way of my creativity. I've joined which is forcing me to be creative - I joined initially to satisfy my obsessive postcard collecting hobby, but have started dabbling in crafty swaps, which is a good thing - there's a deadline, which means it gets done! First I tried my hand at ATC's, this was enjoyable, especially as I have loads of papercrafting stuff due to an old cardmaking habit (I have SUCH a massive stash of crafty stuff - it's a wee bit embarrassing - I NEVER throw anything away and am a real charity shop slave...) I might upload a photo...

The photo quality is a bit shabby as they were taken with my phone camera :-/ I love embossing powders and my heat gun thingy, so they are all based in this - the catty one is free hand drawing with a pen that the embossing powder sticks too, the top one has a crocheted flower on it - I like to get a bit of crochet in whenever I can!

Next was the homemade bookmark swap; I used some sari silk that I just happened to have in my stash, again, my first attempt at a craft... I enjoyed using the embroidery stitches on my Beeeyoootiful new(ish) sewing machine - I got it for a recent landmark birthday... Brother BC2100 - I love it! Anyway, it's winging it's way to America, hope my swap partner likes it... :-)

That's all for now folks... the Easter School hols start tomorrow and I'm off to sunny Essex for a few days with my kids - back to my roots, can't wait to catch up with family for a few days :-) see you soon, technology and time permitting!

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