Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hellloooooo :-)

My first post was supposed to be a lovely tutorial for something lovely, but alas, 'twas not to be... where does my time go? I've just bought three gorgeous patterns from EssHaych's lovely Etsy store, I'm halfway through glove number 2 on a hat, scarf and glove set that I'm crocheting with the most gorgeous yarn (Sirdar Click with wool) - should be ready for next winter... I've got a lovely quilt stored in blocks just waiting to be put together and a necklace just needing a clasp. SOOO many WIPs, SOOO little time...

So instead, here is a pic of something that I did manage to finish... tall thin felt bunny, made for my daughter's birthday, only a day late...

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  1. Cute bunny!! <3 And I used that Click yarn to make a scarf last month - it's lovely stuff!

    Love the layout (I nearly went for the cute animals too!) and Thank you for linking to my blog! *hugs*